Repository maintenance guildelines

This guide explains how the maintenance of the official VectorLinux repositories is done when working with packages contributed to the VectorLinux Buildbot system.

At the present time, there are no tools to automatically move the packages to the official repositories. When a packager contributes a package or package update, the buildbot will build as instructed, and place the resulting packages in http://vlcore.vectorlinux/pkg/untested.

The repository maintainer will have to move the packages like they usually do now, with the exception that each package should be tested before moving it to the repositories to make sure the package works as expected.

What you need to know

  • The bot collects packages in
  • Source code for the packages can can be found at
  • You should delete the packages from the untested repository once the package has been moved to the official repositories.
  • You must trigger the scripts to update the metadata on the untested repository as well as the official repositories when you perform maintenance.